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Deep Learning from the Inside-Out

Keynote Dr. Santiago Rincón Gallardo

How can Deep Learning take roots in classrooms and spread to large numbers of schools? Drawing on existing knowledge on deep learning, effective instructional practice, and large-scale pedagogical change, Santiago offers five ideas to bring deep learning to life in classrooms, schools, and educational systems. Santiago is involved in multiple projects in the US, Canada, and Latin America. His work in these countries involves documenting good work underway and providing focused recommendations, deepen student learning, and cultivate professional capital across entire educational systems.

Santiago is a firm believer in deep learning and its power to change lives and the world.

Dr. Santiago Rincón Gallardo

Dr. Santiago Rincón Gallardo is an education consultant and Chief Research Officer at Michael Fullan’s international education consulting team. His academic work explores how effective pedagogies for deep learning can spread at scale. These ideas have been published in journals such as the Harvard Educational Review, the Journal of Professional Capital and Community, the Journal of Educational Change and other professional magazines and books. Beyond his academic work, he conducts research to advance whole system reform for pedagogical improvement in educational systems. As an educator and organizer, Santiago worked for over a decade to promote grassroots educational change initiatives in Mexican Public Schools serving historically marginalized communities. Santiago holds an Ed. M in International Education Policy and Ed.D. on Education Policy, Leadership and Instructional Practice from Harvard University. He recently completed postdoctoral studies at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Ontario. He lives in Toronto with his wife and their two young boys.

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