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Understanding Deep Learning

Masterclass Prof. John West Burnham

Perhaps the most concise and complete definition of deep learning is provided by Dewey (1933); ‘We state emphatically that, upon its intellectual side education consist in the formation of wide awake, careful, thorough habits of thinking. Of course intellectual learning includes the amassing and retention of information. But information is an undigested burden unless it is understood. It is knowledge only as its material is comprehended. And understanding, comprehension, means that the various parts of the information acquired are grasped in their relations to one another –a result that is attained only when acquisition is accompanied by constant reflection upon the meaning of what is studied (pp 78-79).” How will Deep Learning be described and which components are important? Professor John West Burnham in this masterclass will guide new schools in their first steps of Deep Learning, and takes schools to the next steps in an interactive round table conversation.

John's Idea's about Deep Learning are based on many years of expierences and an open agile mind.

Prof. John West Burnham

Prof. John West Burnham is a highly experienced independent inspirator, teacher and writer, and with Turning Learning collaborating as leadership development consultant. John is professor of Educational Leadership at St Mary’s University, London. His current research interests include the learning centered school, ‘Closing the gap’- moving from good to outstanding; leading teaching & learning; transformational leadership, leadership learning & development; collaborative leadership & educational leadership in the community. John is a highly experienced and successful facilitator. He has over 25 years of experience in leadership development, working with many diverse groups. He has worked with senior policy makers at government level, the full range of school staff; students; young children; and with people from many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. He has taught and examined at doctoral and masters level and has designed and led masters and doctoral programs.

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