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Connecting Artificial Intelligence to Human Intelligence

Masterclass Marlou van Beek MMC CMC

The future is about pairing the artificial intelligence with cognitive and emotional skills and values of human beings.’ (Andreas Schleicher, World Class, OECD 2018). The Mondi Great Learning Platform offers an interactive learning environment in which knowledge enriches the lives of educators and students. Cultural History, Geography, Human Awareness, Social Justice, Global Citizenship & Cultural Understanding are topics that make students, of every age, more aware. It will also give them the opportunity to reflect on dynamics in our society, themselves, others, and connections between them. In an interactive way of learning with peers and using devices, students learn about the world and the many different cultures, customs, backgrounds and lifestyles of the people who live there. Artificial Intelligence will be paired to Human Intelligence by bringing students to a next level of Learning.

Knowing more about Social Justice, Social Innovation, Global Citizenship & Cultural Understanding creates a better world with more tolerance!

Marlou van Beek MMC CMC

Marlou van Beek MMC CMC is CEO and driving force behind Turning Learning. She is continuously in contact with partners looking for opportunities and making changes to create engaging education, for all our students, leaders, teachers and parents. Marlou has experience within different roles in education and consultancy. She has worked as a teacher, principal, superintendent, senior consultant and managing partner. She has given lectures in Toronto, Seattle, Abu Dhabi, Vienna, Tampa and other places. Marlou graduated from the Free University in Amsterdam in Management Consultancy, with an international certification for Management Consultancy. She collaborates already for many years with professor John West Burnham, professor Michael Fullan, and the global partnership to realize the NPDL dream off the best education for everyone. Marlou is bringing, together with her well respected partners, the theorie of Deep Learning and professional development in practice by materials as the Deep Learning Succes Survey en Personal Capital.

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