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Technology and Innovation in your school

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

Masterclass Jonathan Bishop - Wednesday October 31h 2018

Jonathan Bishop is a marvelous example of how ‘Passion for Learning’ and 'Passion for Technology’ come together. Jonathan takes you into a case study; the implementation of technology in his classroom and the effect on learning. During the masterclass Jonathan will make a live-connection-session where he will ask questions to his students on the Broadlist Primary School in the UK. He will make you understand and experience what Students Voice means.

Jonathan is constant looking for new tecnologies, supporting the learning of teachers and creating changes for digital natives

Jonathan Bishop

Jonathan Bishop is Headteacher at Broadclyst Primary School and has spent 16 years as a class teacher and Deputy Headteacher at Broadclyst Primary School. He became the Headteacher in 2010 and achieved the first Academy status for a Primary school in Devon. He has pioneered the way in developing media rich digital classrooms, home access systems, collaborative and creative online learning spaces and established working partnerships with firms and schools around the world. Jonathan’s experience at creative curriculum making and integration of ICT into the classroom. Jonathan’s Global Enterprise Challenge brought 20 schools from 20 countries together, and was founded after a successful bid for funding through the Microsoft Pitch Competition.

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