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Twinning is Winning 

Truly realizing change and innovation in schools is not easy, but also not impossible! In Finland, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands we can build on the experience of many stories of success.  Teams who collaborate are more and more successful in realizing change and innovation. International experiences will accelerate Deep Learning by getting us out of our comfort-zone. Together with the Finish, British and Dutch schools we will get everyday smarter.  We will learn from international key figures, benchmarks, big data,  testimonies, manifests, personal stories and school-visits. So anytime, anywhere, anyplace: Someone is Learning!   

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In a interactive community we will organize Idea Labs, study-tours, and courses, masterclasses and masters for teachers, principals, schoolboards, trustees, and policymakers. 

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The Research Studio organizes International research using the Deep Learning Succes Scan (West-Burnham, van Beek), professional development of schools and teachers (Professional Capital, Hargreaves, Fullan), research about Personal Capital (Kodden, van Beek), 21st Century skills for students (6C'S)  (NPDL-schools).

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Artificial Intelligence will be combined with Human Intelligence. We will  collect big data in Data Warehouses. With this data we will develop international benchmarks and provide School Intelligence Solutions, based on the succesfactors in the different countries. On Interactive Learning Platforms we will help students to accelerate levels of learning, not only based on knowledge but also based on leadership, creating a better world. 

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